Radial-Flow impeller TR 20


RM 449.00


TR 20 Radial-Flow Impeller (28 mm)

P/N: 509-20000-00

Due to the jagged shape of the stirrer blade, the radial flow impeller TR 20 is ideally suited for the construction of emulsions and the gassing or foaming of liquids in vessels with the following characteristics:

  • ideal vessel diameter: 80- 140 mm
  • ideal ground clearance: 14- 28 mm
  • ideal filling level: 80- 140 mm
  • ideal volume: 400- 2,200 ml

The radial-flow impeller TR 20 has a total length of 400 mm and is made of stainless steel. Its stirrer shaft has a diameter of 8 mm.

TR 20 Radial-Flow Impeller (28 mm) – Technical Data

Blade size28 mm
Length400 mm
Materialstainless steel V4A
Shaft diameter8 mm
Max. rotation speed2,000 rpm
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