VISCO JET 120 mm (plastic:POM) (HD/509-16121-00)


RM 680.00


VISCO JET® – 120 mm (POM)

P/N: 509-16121-00

Particularly in the case of applications with very viscous media such as pastes and gels, a very reliable stirring process in the entire vessel without air entry is important. This is what the innovative stirring system VISCO JET® offers!

The particular shape of the blades triggers an intrinsically dynamic flow, which shortens the process times with significantly better mixing results compared to conventional impellers. An all-rounder for aqueous and highly viscous substances. You can find out more about this here.

The VISCO JET® is ideal for vessels with the following characteristics:

  • ideal vessel diameter: 200- 300 mm
  • ideal ground clearance: 36 mm
  • ideal filling level: 200- 300 mm
  • ideal volume: 6,300 – 21,200 ml

This VISCO JET® 120 is made of POM plastic and can be used up to max. 90°C.
A polyamide coated stirrer shaft with a diameter of approx. 10 mm is included in the scope of delivery.

VISCO JET® – 120 mm (POM) – Technical Data

Blade size 120 mm
For vessel diameter 170 – 300 mm
Length 500 mm
Material impeller: plastic (POM), hub: brass, shaft: polyamide-coated
Rotation speed range 120 – 500 rpm
Length 500 mm