Square-Blade impeller BR 13 (HD/509-13000-00)


RM 380.00


BR 13 Square-Blade Impeller

P/N: 509-13000-00

Due to its blade dimensions, the square-blade impeller BR 13 is ideal for loosening and homogenizing in vessels with the following characteristics:

  • ideal vessel diameter: 140 mm
  • ideal ground clearance: 7 mm
  • ideal filling level: 140 mm
  • ideal volume: 2,200 ml

The square-blade impeller BR 13 has a total length of 450 mm and is made of stainless steel. Its stirring shaft has a diameter of 8 mm.

BR 13 Square-Blade Impeller – Technical Data

Blade size 70 x 70 mm
Length 450 mm
Material stainless steel V4A
Shaft diameter 8 mm
Max. rotation speed 800 rpm