MR Hei-Connect with Temperature sensor Pt1000 (V4A) (HD/505-40081-00)


RM 6,350.00


Hei-Connect with Pt1000 temperature sensor (V4A)

P/N: 505-40081-00

Stirring and heating with full control

In our proven Hei-PLATE magnetic stirrer line, the Hei-Connect combines gentle stirring (up to 1,400 rpm) with a precise heating function (up to 300 °C). Unique in its robust design and secure functionality, this model stands out with additional features giving you complete control and an easy, accurate documentation of your process parameters.

The unique Kera-Disk® footprint is chemically resistant, scratch-proof, and has a diameter of 145 mm. This unique size makes it suitable for use with many accessories and samples on a small footprint. The anodized aluminum from which it is made enables the fastest possible heating times.

The Hei-Connect magnetic stirrer provides a digital display for setting your desired temperature exactly to the degree. This precise temperature without overshooting is controlled by two selectable heating modes (FAST/PRECISE) and the optional external temperature sensor Pt1000.

To facilitate process control and documentation, the Hei-Connect is equipped with a timer and an RS 232 interface. The free Hei-Control Software is included in the scope of delivery.

  • This variant includes the Pt1000 temperature probe

Hei-Connect – Technical Data

Rotation speed range 100 – 1,400 rpm
Speed accuracy ±2 %
Max. stirring capacity (H₂O) 20 l
Hotplate temperature 20 – 300 °C
Heating power 800 W
Accuracy temperature setting ±1 °C
Temperature accuracy with external temp. sensor ±1 °C
Safety circuit hotplate 25 °C over hotplate temperature
Plate diameter ø 145 mm
Plate material Kera-Disk® (Silumin with ceramic coating)
Sensor breakage protection with Pt 1000
Residual heat indicator yes
Smooth start yes
Analog / digital interface yes (RS 232)
Timer yes
Protection class DIN EN 60529 IP 32