PS-THINCERT PLATE 12 WELL, STERILE,60pcs/case (GNB/665110)

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12 Well ThinCert®Plate,

cell culture plate for tissue reconstruction in vitro

Its deep wells allow a larger volume of medium to be available to the air-lift-culture. As a consequence, the frequency of medium changes may be reduced to one medium change per week
The reduced frequency of medium changes ensures that the medium conditioning lasts longer and an improved tissue quality is achieved
Optimized for use with ThinCert™ cell culture inserts
The ThinCert®Plate design consits of notches for fixing the position of the inserted ThinCert® cell culture inserts. This ensures a stable and predictable postion of the inserts during the entire process of the cell culture
Total volume per well: 10 ml
Working volume in air-lift culture: 4 ml
Lid with condensation rings

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