CellStar, filter cap cell culture flask, 75cm2, 250ml total volume, sterile (GNB/658175)

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CELLSTAR® Filter Cap Cell Culture Flasks

Improved cell adhesion through physical surface treatment
Free of detectable D-Nase, RNase, human DNA, non-pyrogenic
The special design of our cell culture flask makes it possible to efficiently reach the cell lawn with a cell scraper, whilst still providing optimal access with a pipette
The neck of the high profile flask reduces the risk of wetting the inside of the cap with medium, and thus provides additional protection against contamination
TC surface treatment
Optimal gas exchange through a high airflow rate os the membrane
Canted neck
Graduation on the side
Growth area: 75 cm²
Max. volume : 250 ml
Working volume: 15 ml – 38 ml
With red filter screw cap
Sterile and user-friendly packaging

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures, unless otherwise indicated.

Triple packing available (658175-TRI), contact us for more details.

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