THINCERTS W. PET-MEMBRANE PORE DIAM.3,0µ,24pcs/case (GNB/657630)

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6 Well ThinCert® Cell Culture Inserts

Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA
Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic
3.0 µm pore size and transparent optical membrane properties, and therefore applicable in the following fields:
– Light microscopy
– Electron microscopy
– Fluorescence microscopy
– Immunocytochemistry
– Trans epithelial electric resistance (TEER)
– Transport/diffusion/secretion of small molecules
– Transport/diffusion/secretion of large molecules (e.g. macromolecules, viruses)
– Migration/chemotaxis/metastasation
Stable clear polystyrene housing
Hanging geometry
Sealed PET capillary pore membrane
Single, sterile blister packing
Simplified pipetting due to self-lift geometry
Enhanced pipetting access and gas exchange
Pore density: 0.6 x 106 cm-2
Culture surface: 452.4 mm²
Height (overall): 16.25 mm
Inner/outer diameter (top): 24.85 mm / 27.85 mm
Working volume ThinCert®: 1.0 ml – 3.6 ml
Working volume well: 2.0 ml – 4.15 ml
Improved cell adhesion through physical surface treatment

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