XK 16/20 column (GE/28988937)


RM 5,865.00


XK empty columns are designed for low to medium pressure, are user friendly, robust, and give reproducible packing.

  • Plunger design to ensure a homogeneous buffer distribution and reproducible packing
  • Adapter QuickLock mechanism that facilitates column handling and cleaning
  • Fittings for direct connection to chromatographiy systems
  • Cooling jacket for sensitive purifications

The user-friendly design of XK columns ensures trouble-free operation with fittings for direct connection to ÄKTA design instruments or other high-performance liquid chromatography systems. The product family is based on a robust design for high reproducibility and accurate results. XK columns are compatible with aqueous solutions and most organic solvents used in liquid chromatography of macromolecules.

XK empty columns provide reliable and reproducible separations. The tube material is of borosilicate glass, which allows for visual inspection of the resins bed. The columns are made of biocompatible materials that exhibit excellent chemical resistance. A broad range of column dimensions makes XK columns suitable for many different purification needs. Column packing can be performed using either a packing reservoir or an extra column tube attached with a packing connector. The QuickLock mechanism of the adapter shaft facilitates rapid and easy movement of the adapter, simplifying adjustments of the bed height, disassembly, and cleaning. The design of the adapter plunger gives a uniform flow, which maintains the integrity of the packed bed during operations. An extensive range of spare parts is available, facilitating maintenance.