HiTrap TALON crude, 5 x 1 ml (STORE IN CHILLER : 2 TO 8 DEG C) (GE/28953766)


RM 1,702.00


HiTrap TALON® crude 1 mL and 5 mL columns allow for rapid separations and easy scale-up with a minimum of sample preparation and equipment.

  • Columns prepacked with cobalt-based chromatography resins designed for purification of histidine-tagged recombinant proteins by immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC).
  • Suitable for IMAC purification of histidine-tagged proteins when Ni2+ is not the optimal choice of metal ion.
  • Compatible with commonly used IMAC reagents and appropriate for purifying proteins under native or denaturing conditions.
  • Prepacked HiTrap TALON® crude columns save time by allowing the application of unclarified samples directly, minimizing labor and degradation of proteins.
  • HiTrap TALON® crude columns allow repeated runs without stripping, cleaning, or Co2+ recharging.

TALON® Superflow™ is a cobalt-based IMAC resin offering different selectivity compared to nickel-charged resins. TALON® Superflow™ and prepacked HiTrap TALON® crude columns allow protein purification under native or denaturing conditions and can be used with prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems.

HiTrap TALON® crude columns allow for rapid separations and easy scale-up. Samples can be applied directly to the column after thorough cell disruption – without precentrifugation and filtration. The filters in the top and bottom of the column make it possible to directly load unclarified lysates on the column without causing back pressure problems or leakage of the TALON® Superflow™ beads. Prior to loading samples on HiTrap TALON® crude columns, cell lysate should be prepared using methods such as sonication, homogenization, or freeze/thaw.