Vivaspin 500 30 kDa MWCO PES 25/pk (GE/28932235)


RM 1,066.00


Vivaspin™ ultrafiltration spin columns are designed for fast, non-denaturing concentration and desalting of proteins and other biological samples.

  • Ease-of-use: One-step sample concentration in a single tube, for minimal sample handling and reduced sample loss, as well as pH compatibility over a broad range – pH 1 to 9.
  • Sample protection: Patented Vivaspin dead-stop technology ensures samples cannot be concentrated to dryness and enables direct concentrate recovery.
  • Ease-of-use: One-step sample concentration in a single tube, for minimal sample handling and reduced sample loss.
  • High flow rates: And minimal membrane blockage through the vertical polyethersulfone (PES) membrane design.
  • Minimal protein adsorption: Thanks to the Vivaspin™ polycarbonate tube design.
  • Wide selection: Vivaspin sample concentrators are suitable for sample volumes ranging from 100 μL to 20 mL, with a range of molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) values from Mr 3000 to 100 000.
  • Download the Vivaspin protein concentrator data file to learn more and to determine the right MWCO (molecular weight cut-off) and volume for your enrichment study.

Spin column protein concentration – how does it work?

Membrane spin columns such as Vivaspin combine the principle of size exclusion with centrifugation to achieve rapid concentration and high recovery of target biomolecules in a single tube. An upper compartment containing sample is separated from the lower compartment by a semipermeable membrane with an appropriate MWCO value chosen to exclude molecules of interest. Centrifugation is applied to force solvent through the membrane, leaving a more concentrated sample in the upper chamber. The Vivaspin column design permits protocols for one-step biomolecule concentration, rapid sample recovery (reverse spin protocol), desalting, and buffer exchange.

How to select the right spin column for your application

Sample volume and molecular weight of the target biomolecule(s) are the primary factors to consider when choosing a spin column. Vivaspin offers a choice of membranes to cover different ultrafiltration requirements (Table 1).

Tip: For maximum recovery, select a MWCO value at least 50% smaller than the molecular size of the species of interest.

Table 1. Select the appropriate Vivaspin product from the intersection of the molecular weight cutoff value (MWCO value) and the volume range for your sample

MWCO value
Volume range Product 3 000 5 000 10 000 30 000 50 000 100 000
strong>100-500 μl Vivaspin 500 28-9322-18 28-9322-23 28-9322-25 28-9322-35 28-9322-36 28-9322-37
strong>400 μl to 2 ml Vivaspin 2 28-9322-40 28-9322-45 28-9322-47 28-9322-48 28-9322-57 28-9322-58
strong>2-6 ml Vivaspin 6 28-9322-93 28-9322-94 28-9322-96 28-9322-17 28-9322-18 28-9322-19
strong>5-20 ml Vivaspin 20 28-9322-58 28-9322-59 28-9322-60 28-9322-61 28-9322-62 28-9322-63

To learn more, download the Vivaspin protein concentrator data file.

Still not sure what MWCO and volume are right for you? Contact one of our experts today.

Applications for ultrafiltration spin columns

Vivaspin ultrafiltration spin columns are a rapid and flexible solution for protein concentration and small-scale preparation of biological molecules directly from cell lysates and biological fluids, following upstream purification steps. They can also be used prior to downstream analyses, such as gel electrophoresis, liquid chromatography (LC), mass spectrometry (MS), and LC-MS. Examples include:

  • Concentration of urine prior to electrophoresis for identification and diagnosis of multiple myeloma and related serum protein disorders.
  • Concentration of recombinant human IFN-g following purification from culture supernatant.

Effective enrichment of low-M(r) components from human plasma for proteomic analysis to identify plasma-based biomarkers in disease