PD MidiTrap G-10


RM 3,710.00


PD MidiTrap G-10 columns are prepacked, single-use gravity columns for buffer exchange and cleanup of biological samples, for example peptides, small proteins, and oligosaccharides

  • Easy cleanup of peptides, small proteins, or carbohydrates larger than Mr 700, before downstream analysis such as liquid chromatography, electrophoresis, and MS.
  • Efficient removal of contaminants such as salts, dyes, and radioactive labels.
  • High desalting capacity.
  • Preparation of samples in the volume range 400 to 1000 μl.

PD MidiTrap G-10 gravity columns give fast and simple desalting and buffer exchange without any need for a purification system, PD MiniTrap G-10 columns are prepacked and designed for rapid, convenient sample clean-up of small proteins, peptides, oligo-saccharides and other small biomolecules (>700 Mr).

Instructions are supplied with the columns

For smaller scale please use PD MiniTrap G-10 columns (300 μl)

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