StrepTrap HP 5 x 1mL (STORE IN CHILLER : 2 TO 8 DEG C)


RM 6,310.00


StrepTrap HP is a ready to use HiTrap column prepacked with StrepTactin Sepharose High Performance for purifying Strep-tag II recombinant proteins.

  • Highly pure Strep-tag II recombinant proteins eluted in concentrated form and small volumes.
  • Physiological conditions and mild elution preserves the activity of the target protein.
  • Convenient, time-saving operation and reproducible results.
  • Compatible with a wide range of reducing agents, detergents, denaturants, and other additives.
  • Easily regenerated with 0.5 M NaOH.

This robust and stable Sepharose based resin results in high resolution, sharp concentrated peaks, and reproducible purifications. The binding capacity is also high.

Purification is performed under physiological conditions and the mild elution preserves the activity of the target protein. Due to the high specificity of the binding, very high purity of the eluted protein is achieved in just one step. Regeneration of StrepTactin Sepharose High Performance and StrepTrap HP is fast and easily performed with 0.5 M NaOH.

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