RM 3,589.00


His SpinTrap is a prepacked, single-use spin column for purifying histidine-tagged proteins by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC)

  • For simple, small-scale purification of histidine-tagged* proteins and rapid expression screening.
  • Ni Sepharose High Performance in prepacked spin columns.
  • Yields up to 750 µg pure protein per column.
  • Allows direct purification of both clarified and unclarified cell lysates.

* See the section for licensing information in our terms and conditions.

Purification of unclarified samples on His SpinTrap columns minimizes loss of target protein caused by manual operations such as sample precentrifugation, transfer to centrifugation tubes, and collecting supernatant. In addition, loading unclarified sample directly to His SpinTrap columns reduces sample preparation time, which minimizes degradation and oxidation of sensitive target proteins.

His SpinTrap columns are used together with a standard microcentrifuge and one purification run takes approximately 10 min. For optimal performance, use His SpinTrap together with buffers prepared using His Buffer Kit.

The columns are prepacked with Ni Sepharose High Performance, which is precharged with nickel ions for capture of histidine-tagged proteins. Leakage of nickel ions from the Ni Sepharose High Performance resin is negligible

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