RNASPIN MINI (50) (GE/25050071)


RM 1,846.00


RNAspin Mini RNA Isolation Kit is a complete RNA purification kit designed for rapid extraction of high-quality total RNA from a wide range of sample types.

New application note: Sensitive detection of RNA and DNA viruses such as: Adenovirus (Type 14), Influenza A (H3N2) and COVID-19 with SeraSil-Mag Virus/Pathogen Kit and RNASpin Mini Kits

  • High-quality output RNA from diverse sample types
  • Recovers high-quality total RNA since genomic DNA is removed via on-column DNase I treatment
  • For maximum yield and purity, prefilters are included to reduce lysate viscosity
  • Results can be obtained with even small amounts of sample
  • Lysis buffer is less susceptible to foaming to ensure valuable RNA sample is not wasted
  • Simple and convenient format suitable for all levels of expertise

RNA extraction is the purification of RNA from biological samples. It is complicated by the ubiquitous presence of ribonuclease enzymes in cells and tissues, which can rapidly degrade RNA, since it is less stable than DNA.

Besides other methods in the RNA isolation protocol to help counter RNA degradation, the equipment used for RNA preparation is usually kept separate from other lab equipment and treated (or has been pre-treated) with chemicals that can destroy RNases, such as diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC). RNAspin Mini Isolation Kit can be used to isolate total RNA from cultured cells, tissue, bacteria, or yeast. The isolated RNA is of a high enough quality and quantity (up to 100 μg) for multiple downstream experiments and sensitive enzymatic applications like RT-PCR, real time PCR, primer extension, RNAseq, and RNase protection assays.
The RNAspin Mini Kit has been used for the isolation of high-quality total RNA from several types of source material including hard-to-lyse bacterial strains and can be applied in downstream experiments such as quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR (QRT-PCR), Northern blot, and microarray experiments. The kit is supplied with a full RNA extraction protocol booklet with a detachable, quick reference protocol card, and all the necessary components including prefilters and DNase I.