COLUMN C 10/40


RM 2,256.00


C columns are economical empty columns suitable for low pressure liquid chromatography and gravity feed at the lower volumes used at research scale.

  • Economical – for low pressure liquid chromatography at research scale.
  • Broad compatibility – functions with a stand-alone pump, chromatography system, or gravity feed.
  • Precise temperature control – with the optional cooling jacket.
  • Efficient packing – packing reservoirs are available as accessories specific to each column diameter.

What comes in your C column package?

Each C column comes equipped with polyethylene tubing (1.0 mm inner diameter, 2 m length), bed support screens, snap-on net rings, and instructions for research-scale column chromatography use.

Adjustable column chromatography flow adapters

Standard C-series columns have a fixed volume, but they can be upgraded through the addition of flow adapters. These work to keep bed height constant and protected from insoluble particles during chromatography. Adjustable flow adapters are available for 10 mm (AC 10), 16 mm (AC 16), and 26 mm (AC 26) diameter C columns.

Easy packing of the resin into the column

Three RC packing reservoirs help optimize packing conditions, especially when packing high beds. They are available for each diameter in the C column series, and are quick and easy to assemble. After the resin is in the column, the RC reservoir can be connected to a pump or Mariotte flask to give optimal flow rates for packing.

Precise temperature control

Resolution and recovery can often be increased by fitting C columns with a JC thermostatic jacket during temperature-dependent low-pressure chromatography. JC jackets increase control of separation temperature and mechanical resistance of these columns, enabling operating pressures of up to 1 bar.

Successful use in published research

For example, C columns have been used to:

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