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HiTrap IEX Selection Kit is used for screening of the optimal Cytiva ion exchange resin for specific application and development work.

  • Fast and easy selection. Seven prepacked HiTrap columns, each containing a different Sepharose ion exchange resin (medium).
  • Convenient way to screen for the optimal Cytiva anion exchange (aex) or cation exchange (cex) resin for a given application.
  • Excellent for optimization studies; buffer composition, pH, flow rate, and other parameters can be optimized with small samples before scale-up.
  • HiTrap column format is designed for use with a syringe, peristaltic pump, or chromatography system such as an ÄKTA system.

Ion exchange chromatography columns

Cytiva’s HiTrap IEX Selection Kit contains a variety of anion and cation exchange resins, allowing users to screen for the most appropriate column.

The kit includes seven 1 mL HiTrap columns packed with the following ion exchange resins:

  • SP Sepharose Fast Flow cex column (strong cation exchanger)
  • SP Sepharose XL cex column (strong cation exchanger)
  • CM Sepharose Fast Flow cex column (weak cation exchanger)
  • Q Sepharose Fast Flow aex column (strong anion exchanger)
  • Q Sepharose XL aex column (strong anion exchanger
  • DEAE Sepharose Fast Flow aex column (weak anion exchanger)
  • ANX Sepharose 4 Fast Flow aex column (weak anion exchanger)

Other formats for the resins in this HiTrap kit

Prepacked HiTrap IEX columns are also available individually. The ion exchange resins in the columns are offered as bulk resin and in other prepacked formats.

Other Cytiva IEX chromatography products

Cytiva’s solutions include a variety of ion exchange chromatography resins, such as Capto, Sepharose High Resolution, MonoBeads and SOURCE.

For Capto resins screening, HiTrap Capto IEX Selection Kit is also available.

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