IPG BUFFER, PH 6-11 (STORE IN CHILLER : 2 TO 8 DEG C) (GE/17600178)


RM 500.00


  • For use with Immobiline DryStrip gels to improve protein solubility.
  • Using Immobiline DryStrip gels together with matching IPG buffer gives high sample loading capacity, improves resolution, and increases the probability of detecting low abundance proteins.
  • Improved IPG buffer pH 3-10 and pH 3-10 NL offer improved resolution, sensitivity, and increased spot intensity as well as additional protein spots in high molecular weight and basic pH areas.
  • Eliminates background staining.
  • Ensures optimal conditions for IEF separation.

IPG Buffers are ampholyte-containing buffer concentrates specifically formulated for use with Immobiline DryStrip gels. Each IPG Buffer type produces more uniform conductivity along the Immobiline DryStrip during focusing, resulting in wider latitude in run times. IPG Buffers also eliminate high background staining.

IPG buffers are supplied in 1-ml aliquots of water. The buffer is diluted 50- or 200-fold in the rehydration solution, depending on the first-dimension system and pH range of the strip.