Percoll PLUS 250 ML


RM 2,112.00


Colloidal medium for cell separation by density centrifugation. Silica particles are covalently coated with silane for enhanced stability and shelf-life.

  • For preparation of cells, subcellular particles and larger viruses.
  • Percoll PLUS has verified low endotoxin level, and is non-toxic and re-sterilizable, even after adjustment to physiological ionic strength.
  • Gradients can either be pre-formed or spontaneously generated by centrifugation at moderate speeds in an angle-head rotor.
  • Iso-osmotic gradients throughout cover a range of densities up to 1.3 g / mL.
  • Low viscosity allows cell isolations on preformed gradients in only a few minutes using low centrifugal forces (200 to 1000 x g).
  • Available in easy-to-open, resealable 250 mL and 1 L bottles.

Properties and storage tips

Percoll PLUS is non-toxic, almost chemically inert, and does not adhere to membranes. Percoll PLUS can be stored unopened for at least five years. Preformed gradients can be stored for weeks without change in gradient shape, provided that the gradient remains unfrozen.

Percoll PLUS can be buffered within the pH range 5.5 to 10 without change in properties.

Both concentrated and diluted Percoll PLUS can be resterilized by autoclaving for 30 min at 120°C.

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