RM 4,866.00


Ready-to-use sterile density gradient media designed for the preparation of mononuclear cells from peripheral blood, bone marrow and cord blood.

  • Manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 13485.
  • Low levels of endotoxin (< 0.12 EU/mL) secured and tested.
  • Cytotoxicity grade 0.
  • Choice of densities: 1.077, 1.084, and 1.073 g/mL.
  • A Regulatory Support File (RSF) is available for Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM products.

Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM vs Ficoll-Paque PLUS

All Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM products differ from Ficoll-Paque PLUS in that they are manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 13485.

How it’s used

  • Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM: Optimized for the isolation of mononuclear cells from human peripheral blood, bone marrow, and umbilical cord blood.
  • Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM 1.084: Can be used for isolating a broad range of human mononuclear cells including those of a higher density and for separating blood cells from mice or rats.
  • Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM 1.073: Can be used when isolating lower-density human mononuclear cells (e.g. mesenchymal stromal cells or monocytes).
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