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HisTrap FF Crude columns are high binding capacity IMAC columns for his-tagged protein purification when scalability is needed.

  • High binding capacity – binds up to 40 mg his-tag protein/mL resin.
  • Excellent flow properties – great performance even at high flow rates.
  • Optimized for unclarified samples – short purification time can minimize potential negative effects, such as degradation and oxidation of proteins.
  • HiTrap column format – compatible with syringe, pump, or chromatography system such as ÄKTA systems or other FPLC systems.

His-tag protein purification from unclarified lysates

HisTrap FF crude is a ready-to-use column, prepacked with precharged Ni Sepharose 6 Fast Flow. After thorough cell disruption, it is possible to load the unclarified lysate on the column, without precentrifugation and filtration.

If you plan to load unclarified samples, it is important to ensure that lysis is as complete as possible. We recommend adding lysozyme and DNase I, followed by mechanical lysis (e.g., by sonication) for a longer duration than typically performed.

Tips and tricks for using these IMAC columns

Interested in maximizing the performance of your column? Watch Cytiva’s HisTrap FF crude column video to get hints and recommendations.

Successful use in published research

These columns are used in a variety of applications, including:

Other Cytiva products for purifying his-tagged proteins

Cytiva provides a large variety of Life Sciences solutions for IMAC protein purification. For routine his-tagged protein purification or when high resolution is a priority, consider HisTrap HP columns.

Not sure which product to use? Let Cytiva help you find the right IMAC purification resin or column for your needs for your needs.

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