COLUMN PD-10,EMPTY (GE/17043501)


RM 1,805.00


PD-10 Columns are economical, plastic columns for gravity flow purification.

  • Economical and versatile columns for gravity flow applications.
  • Empty PD-10 columns can be packed with a wide range of bulk resins.
  • Easy to use.
  • Use PD-10 Columns with LabMate Buffer Reservoir for convenient equilibration, sample application, and wash.

Empty Disposable PD-10 Columns are economical, plastic columns for single-use applications using gravity flow. The columns hold up to approx. 13 mL of chromatography resin. The frits can be used as an upper bed support that prevents the resin from running dry under gravity flow.

Together with LabMate Buffer Reservoir, up to 25 mL of buffer and/or sample can be applied, which reduces handling time considerably.