HITRAP PROTEIN G HP, 5 X 5 ML (Store in Chiller at 2 to 8 deg C) (GE/17040503)


RM 23,318.00


HiTrap Protein G HP are prepacked columns for general-purpose preparative purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from most species including rat.

  • First choice Protein G resin for routine purification of antibodies: ensures minimized sample dilution and high resolution.
  • The small bead size (34 μm) ensures narrow elution peaks containing concentrated material.
  • High protein recovery due to high binding capacity of 25 mg IgG/mL resin.
  • Broader selectivity compared with protein A ligand.
  • Convenient HiTrap format for easy connection to a syringe, peristaltic pump, or chromatography system such as ÄKTA system.

Protein G column for general-purpose antibody purification

HiTrap Protein G HP columns are prepacked with Protein G Sepharose High Performance resin. This protein G affinity resin is a good first choice for general-purpose capture of antibodies at laboratory scale, because it binds to a broader range of IgG from eukaryotic species and also binds to more subclasses of IgG than protein A-based resins do.

Use these columns for IgG purification from cow, sheep, horse, rat, mouse, and human sources, including ascites, serum, and cell culture supernatants.

HiTrap Protein G HP columns deliver high-performance, high-resolution purifications with a binding capacity of 25 mg IgG/mL resin and fast kinetics. Columns are stable over a wide pH range – operational pH 3 to 9, and pH 2 to 10 for cleaning.

Successful use in published research

Protein G HiTrap columns are relied upon for a variety of research applications, including:

Other formats of Protein G Sepharose HP resin

Protein G Sepharose High Performance resin is also available in the following formats:

  • Protein G HP SpinTrap spin columns, for small sample purification using a microcentrifuge
  • Protein G HP MultiTrap 96-well plates, for high-throughput screening and small-scale purification using centrifuge or vacuum equipment