Amersham Hybond P 0.45µm PVDF 300mmx4m 1 roll/PK (GE/10600023)


RM 3,815.00


This PVDF blotting membrane has 0.45 µm pore size, for use with standard colorimetric and chemiluminescent detection methods for proteins of > Mr 20 000.

  • Protein binding capacity over 200 μg/cm2 for easy signal detection.
  • High protein retention even after harsh washing steps.
  • High protein capture during transfer minimizes sample loss.
  • Available in popular precut sizes for laboratory application.

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Suitable for stripping and reprobing

Amersham Hybond P 0.45 PVDF is a 0.45 μm pore size hydrophobic membrane, with high physical strength, highly suitable for stripping and reprobing.

Western blotting sandwiches

For convenience, Western blotting sandwiches (10 sandwiches/package) are available, consisting of precut Amersham Hybond P 0.45 PVDF membranes preassembled with 2×3 mm Chr paper.