Amersham Protran 0.45 NC 300mm*4m 1 roll/PK (GE/10600002)


RM 3,179.00


Amersham Protran 0.45 NC is a nitrocellulose membrane with a 0.45 µm pore size for use in Western blot protocols.

  • Low background and excellent signal-to-noise ratios
  • Compatible with a variety of labelling and detection systems
  • High binding capacity
  • Suitable for proteins with a wide range of molecular weights
  • Ideal tool for your antibody purification and analysis workflow
  • Proprietary nitrocellulose formula ensures a long shelf life of bound proteins

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Excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background

Amersham Protran nitrocellulose membranes offer excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background noise, especially when used with Amersham ECLAmersham ECL Prime, or Amersham ECL Select Western Blotting detection reagents.

Protran NC membranes are available in popular precut sizes for a wide range of laboratory applications. This product was formerly called Protran BA85.

Western blotting sandwiches

For convenience, Western blotting sandwiches (10 sandwiches/package) are available, consisting of precut Amersham Protan 0.45 NC membranes preassembled with 2 × 3 mm Chr blotting papers.