General Purpose Plastic-Body, Single Junction Refillable pH Combination Electrode (EU/EL/PH/FC72521R01B)


RM 543.00


12x110mm, BNC connector, 1m cable length & 10ml refilling electrolyte (ECFC72521R01B) (01X099413)


Product Specification

Parameter pH
Range 0 to 13 pH
Temperature Range 0 to 80 °C
Liquid Junction Type Porous HDPE pin
Internal Reference Type Ag/AgCl
Sealed/Refillable Refillable
Reference Junction Single
Refilling Reference Electrolyte ECRE001
Dimensions (Shaft) 90 x 12 mm
Cable Length 1 m
Connector BNC
Description General purpose plastic-body pH electrode. Comes with
10 ml refilling electrolyte
Used With All pH meters with BNC input connector