Varispenser 2x, 1-channel, bottle top dispenser, 10 - 100ml (EP/4967000065)


RM 3,634.00


Need a bottle-top dispenser for aggressive solutions such as acids, solutions or bases? The Eppendorf bottle-top dispensers Varispenser 2 and Varispenser 2x allow you to safely dispense liquids from a wide range of bottles without reagent waste and are ideal for conveniently dispensing aliquots from large supply bottles. Chemically resistant and autoclavable, their tight seal provides protection against caustic media.

• Bottle-top dispenser with standard GL 45 thread for most common bottle threads in all sizes
• Safety valve balls in discharge valve prevent leakage when discharge tube is not mounted
• Air vent cap can be unscrewed for easy assembly of drying tube
• Oval-shaped dispenser housing for easy transportation
• PFA seal of the sliding piston prevents seizing up
• Fixation slide on interior toothed track for rapid and safe volume adjustment
• High chemical resistance of all dispensing components
• Telescopic aspirating tubes for variable adjustment to bottle height
• Fully autoclavable without disassembly
• Both models are available in 6 sizes for dispensing volumes from 0.2 – 100 mL

• Liquid dispensing directly from supply bottles or other big laboratory vessels containing aqueous liquids, lyes, acids, bases or solvents

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