Eppendorf Top Buret H, 50 mL, 1-channel (EP/4965000025)


RM 5,142.00


The Eppendorf Top Buret is precise, easy to use and sets new standards in manual liquid titration. Users simply set the desired volume on the intuitive digital bottletop buret, and with each turn of the wheel, liquid is continuously and precisely dispensed. There is no need for new liquid aspiration making titration simpler and safer, and with a clearly labelled and user-friendly digital display ranging from 10 µL to 999.9 mL – the size of your supply bottle is your only limiting factor!

To accommodate different titration needs, the Eppendorf Top Buret is available in two different models: Model M, with a dispensing rate of 2,500 µL per rotation; and Model H with a rate of 5,000 µL per rotation.

• Bottle-top burette with continuous, pulse-free dispensing technology for manual titration
• Digital display ranging from 0.01 mL to 999.9 mL, dosing rates: Model M: 2.5 mL per turn, Model H: 5 mL per turn
• Recirculation valve with valve lever
• Voltage supply with long-life battery and battery status indicator
• Electronic control pad can be removed as unit
• Service-friendly modular design incl. simple calibration program
• High chemical resistance
• Variable discharge tube, horizontal 142 – 220 mm, vertical 10 – 200 mm and rotatable by 360°
• Telescopic aspirating tube for automatic length adjustment of 210 – 370 mm
• Suitable for GL 32, GL 38, GL 45 and S 40 buttress thread with included adapters. Additional adapters available

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