Easypet 3 (EP/4430000018)


RM 3,073.00


Make your liquid handling tasks easier with the Easypet 3 light-weight electronic pipette controller. Weighing only 160 g, its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, giving you utmost precision without pipetting fatigue. Designed to work in perfect harmony with your 1 –  50 mL Eppendorf Serological Pipets, Easypet 3 enables easy serial dispensing of different aliquot volumes. Its excellent speed adjustment allows for an optimized gravity drain option that assures dispensing without splashing, making the Easypet 3 comfortable, precise, and safe.

• Electronic pipette controller designed for use with serological and volumetric pipettes
• Intuitive and convenient speed adjustment simply done with the tips of your fingers
• Lightweight, well-balanced and ergonomic design that allows for fatigue-free pipetting
• Vibrant backlit LEDs provide optical feedback of the remaining battery life
• Lithium polymer rechargeable battery offers long cordless runtime
• Operation while recharging is possible
• Autoclavable pipette adapter for sterile applications
• Quick release of aspirating cone for easy exchange of membrane filters

• Liquid handling with serological and volumetric pipettes from 0.1  –  100 mL
• Serial dispensing of aliquots of different volumes
• Resuspension of bacteria or cell pellets
• Aspiration of cell layer from e.g. Ficoll® gradient

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