Microplate 96/F-PP white Bor. 5x16 pcs. (EP/0030601700)


RM 2,485.00


Say hello to the perfect plate for your microplate assay protocol! Eppendorf assay plate range has the plate for your application, optimized for measuring absorbance in the visible range, fluorescence and chemiluminescence. The range includes both solid plates for top-reading plate readers and versatile clear and black/clear plates for use with both top- and bottom-reading plate readers.
Experience clear signals even with low-concentration samples. Black microplates are ideal for fluorescence detection, with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, providing low detection limits in assays. White microplates maximize reflection for high-sensitivity detection of luminescence or weak fluorescence.

• Black Eppendorf Microplates offer an excellent signal-to-noise ratio – for clear signals even with low-concentration samples
• White Eppendorf Microplates are optimized for highest sensitivity in the detection of luminescence signals by maximizing reflection
• Solid black and white assay plates are made of polypropylene resulting in high resistance to chemicals, mechanical stress, and temperature extremes
• All plates are optimized for minimal autofluorescence and autoluminescence
• Available in lot-certified PCR clean purity grade
• Outstanding dimensional accuracy and high well-to well homogeneity for perfect automation suitability

• Clear VIS and UV-VIS plates for all absorbance assays in the visible and UV range
• Black and white Microplates for Fluorescence and Luminescence detection
• DNA- and Protein concentration with absorbance or fluorescent dyes
• Cell based assays
• Cell viability and apoptosis assays
• Cell imaging
• Protocols that require high resistance against temperature or solvents
• Dilution series
• Preparation of tissue and plant lysates

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