20 DWPs 96x2000µl blue ster. (EP/0030502345)


RM 1,720.00


For more dependability, stability and efficiency choose Eppendorf Deepwell Plates. Available in both 96- and 384-well formats with white, yellow, green or blue borders, these deep well plates offer high-performance in all applications both manual and automated. With OptiTrack® matrix, a high-contrast alphanumeric label, laser-engraved in the border, you’ll be able to find your sample up to 30 % faster and reduce pipetting errors. Rely on Eppendorf Deepwell Plates for everything from sample storage at 86 °C to DNA denaturation at 100 °C, and set new standards in your laboratory.

• OptiTrack® matrix: up to 30 % faster sample identification and fewer pipetting errors via high-contrast alphanumeric labeling
• RecoverMax® well design: Optimized well geometry for maximum sample recovery and excellent mixing properties
• Minimized remaining volume and high uniformity from well to well
• Raised well rims and smooth surface for reliable closing, even with heat sealing
• Easy and reliable stacking
• g-Safe®: exceptional centrifugation stability up to 6,000 × g for faster protocols and improved sample quality
• High-quality polypropylene ensures high resistance to chemicals, mechanical stress and temperature extremes
• Manufactured without slip agents, plasticizers, and biocides – Materials which could have a negative effect on bioassays
• Autoclavable (121 °C, 20 min)
• Available with barcode. Additional details available at: www.eppendorf.com/barcode

• Sample storage and preparation
• Bacteria and yeast cultivation
• DNA and RNA isolation with high throughput
• Storage of cDNA or genomic banks
• Storage of siRNA or oligonucleotide libraries
• Protein analysis
• Storage of valuable protein and DNA samples in Eppendorf LoBind plates
• Plasmid purification with high throughput
• Creating dilution series

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