Serol. pipet,2mL,indiv. wrapped, 4x150 (EP/0030127706)


RM 736.00


Eppendorf serological pipettes offer superior quality and unrivalled accuracy. With easy-to-read graduations and ultra clear plastic, you can aspirate and dispense liquids confidently. All of our serological pipettes are compatible with all mechanical and electronic pipette controllers – including our trusted Pipet Helper® or Easypet® 3.

• Clear and precise graduations for easy volume determination
• Color-coding for easy identification of pipet sizes
• Subunits with dispenser option to keep stored products safe
• Individually wrapped pipets for reliable sterility
• Ultra-pure virgin polystyrene meeting the requirement of USP VI
• Harmonized and well-fitting operation with Easypet 3, compatibility with all existing pipet helpers
• Sterility assurance level of 10-6
• Certified absence of detectable pyrogens, DNA, RNase and DNase
• Certified non-cytotoxic

• Transfer of liquids
• Mixing suspensions
• Combining reagents and chemical solutions
• Transferring cells for empirical analysis or expansion
• Layering reagents for creating higher density gradients

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