250 DNA LoBind Tubes, 1,5ml S-L (EP/0030108051)


RM 129.00


Minimize sample loss and maximize the recovery of precious nucleic acids with Eppendorf LoBind® Tubes. Combining superior manufacturing technologies and high-quality polypropylene, the LoBind® tubes offer almost 100 % recovery of DNA and RNA molecules without the need for surface coating.

Rest assured that Eppendorf LoBind® Tubes are of the highest quality and suitable for all applications including forensic analysis, microarray and next generating sequencing (NGS). LoBind® tubes undergo stringent batch-testing and certification by an independent laboratory to ensure they are free from DNA, DNase, RNase, and PCR inhibitors

• Eppendorf LoBind material ensures optimized sample recovery for improved assay results
• Free of surface coating (e.g., silicone) to minimize the risk of sample interference
• Lot-certified PCR clean purity grade: free of human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors
• Available in tube, microplate, and deepwell plate formats for easy-up scaling
• Precise lid sealing for minimal evaporation rates in tube format
• Rated up to 30,000 × g (25,000 × g for 2.0 mL tube) centrifugation speed for molecular biology applications

• Preparation or storage of DNA and RNA samples
• Forensic trace analysis
• Preparing dilution series in quantitative qPCR
• Sample preparation in next-generation sequencing
• Creation of genomic or oligonucleotide libraries

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