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PURELAB Chorus 2+ (RO/DI/UV) provides tap to 15 MΩ.cm pure water for laboratories requiring up to 100 liters per day and is able to fully recirculate to maintain 15 MΩ.cm.
The PURELAB Chorus 2+ provides additional bacteria and inorganic quality for sensitive analytical and life science applications above that of basic laboratory work. With its simple design and ease of use, water can be dispensed from the system or from a choice of additional Halo Dispensers.

Nominal output at 15oC: 10 l/hr
Nominal daily output: 240L/day
Inorganics @25oC: 1 to >15 MΩ.cm
Organics (MW>200 Dalton): >99% rejection
Total organic carbon (TOC): <30 ppb
Bacteria: 99% rejection
Purification pack capacity Liters to 15 MΩ.cm = 74,700/(μS/cm + (2.3 x ppm CO2))
Source: Potable mains water supply
Fouling index (max): <10
Conductivity: <2000 μS/cm
Free Chlorine: 0.5 ppm max
Heavy Metals (max): 0.05 ppm
Silica: 30 ppm
Temperature: 1-35oC
Flowrate (maximum requirement): 100 l/hr (27 USG)
Drain requirements: 80 l/hr (21 USG)
Feedwater pressure: 6.0 bar (90 psi) maximum; 4.0 bar (60 psi) minimum
With boost pump: flooded suction (min) to 2.0 bar (30 psi) max
Dimensions: Height 679mm, Width 376mm, Depth 353mm
Weight (with boost pump) 17 kg (37lb)