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Superdex 75 prep grade size exclusion chromatography resin offers very high resolution fractionation for separation, polishing and product formulation of recombinant proteins.

  • Size exclusion chromatography resin providing exceptional resolution with short run times and good recovery.
  • Superdex 75 prep grade is recommended for purification of recombinant proteins.
  • BioProcess resin supported for industrial applications and well-established in approved processes.

Superdex prep grade is a preparative size exclusion chromatography resin with a composite matrix of dextran and agarose. This matrix combines the excellent size exclusion chromatography properties of cross-linked dextran (Sephadex) with the physical and chemical stabilities of highly cross-linked agarose, to produce a separation resin with outstanding selectivity and high resolution. In addition, its low non-specific interaction permits high recovery of biological material. Together these properties make Superdex prep grade the first choice size exclusion chromatography resin for all applications from laboratory to process scale.

Superdex prep grade is available in a range of different bulk pack sizes and convenient pre-packed formats for easy scale-up and process development. As a BioProcess resin, Superdex prep grade meets industrial demands with security of supply and comprehensive technical and regulatory support.

Superdex prep grade is available in three selectivities: Superdex 30 prep grade is designed for purification of molecules in the molecular weight range up to 10 000 MW, such as peptides, oligosaccharides and small proteins. Superdex 75 prep grade is recommended for the purification of recombinant proteins. (Fractionation range 3000–70000 Da). Superdex 200 prep grade is recommended for the purification of monoclonal antibodies. (Fractionation range 10 000–600 000 Da)