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Sephadex G-50 grade F is a size exclusion chromatography resin designed for desalting and buffer exchange, and for purification of DNA and oligonucleotides greater than 20 bases in length using spin columns.

  • For purification of DNA from small molecules by size exclusion
  • Tested to ensure reproducibly high recovery of DNA
  • Sephadex G-50 DNA Grade is used in various G-50 columns, such as AutoSeq G-50 columnsProbeQuant G-50 Micro ColumnsMicroSpin G-50 Columns, and NICK Columns
  • Suitable for researchers who prefer to prepare their own columns for purifying nucleic acids
  • Excellent for rapid purification of newly synthesized oligonucleotides > 10-mers, including oligonucleotide probes, in 100 to 150 µL of deprotection solution using spin-column chromatography
  • Useful for desalting or buffer exchange of DNA and removal of unincorporated radionucleotides from end-labeled oligonucleotides (at least 10 bases in length) in a volume of 10 to 100 µL

Sephadex G-50 is one of five different G-types ranging from G-10 for small molecules to G-75 for larger molecules. Sephadex G-50 is a well-established gel filtration resin for desalting and buffer exchange of biomolecules > 30 000 molecular weight, and with a spin protocol can be used for DNA and oligo purification of molecules greater than 20 bases in length.

Alternatively, Sephadex G-25 can be used. Sephadex G-25 has an exclusion limit of approximately Mr 5000, and with a spin protocol this means it can be used for any DNA greater than 10 bases in length.

Both types of Sephadex are therefore highly suitable for the purification of oligonucleotides or very small DNA fragments following synthesis or a labeling reaction.

MicroSpin columns packed with Sephadex G-50 DNA Grade are suitable for the rapid purification of DNA, for use in a wide range of applications, including desalting DNA, buffer exchange, and removal of unincorporated nucleotides from end-labelled oligonucleotides.

Sephadex G-25 DNA Grade and Sephadex G-50 DNA Grade are sold separately.