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READYSOL IEF, 40%, 1000 ML


RM 1,190.00


PlusOne Acrylamide IEF is outstanding for use in isoelectric focusing and DNA sequencing. In addition to the absence of polymerization interfering impurities, Acrylamide IEF is essentially free of charged acrylamide derivatives (< 20 ppm) for very stable pH gradients.

PlusOne Acrylamide is available as a powder, a solution, and premixed solutions (ReadySol).


Dry powder is the most stable form of acrylamide with a shelf life of more than three years.


Solutions of acrylamide are convenient, virtually eliminating the risk of acrylamide dust in the air.


ReadySol, a solution of acrylamide and bisacrylamide, is convenient and fast with minimal preparation and handling. ReadySol ensures a reproducible solution composition.