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HiTrap Desalting are ready-to-use 5 mL columns prepacked with Sephadex G-25 Superfine resin for fast and convenient desalting and buffer exchange.

  • Convenient desalting and buffer exchange of sample volumes up to 1.5 mL.
  • Two to five columns can be connected in series for sample sizes from 3 mL to 7.5 mL.
  • Replaces dialysis for desalting protein, which saves time and reduces labor.
  • Requires less than one minute with typically > 95% recovery.
  • HiTrap column format is convenient for use with a syringe, a peristaltic pump, or a chromatography system.

Column for desalting and buffer exchange of proteins

HiTrap Desalting is a prepacked, ready-to-use column for group separation between high and low molecular weight substances. Applications include buffer exchange prior to or after different chromatographic steps, removal of low molecular weight contaminants, or removal of reagents to terminate a reaction.

The special design of the column, together with the well-known resin Sephadex G-25 Superfine, provides fast and reproducible separations in a convenient format.

The exclusion limit is approximately Mr 5000. This ensures group separation of proteins/peptides larger than Mr 5000 from smaller molecules.

Separations are easily performed with a syringe, a pump, or a chromatography system such as an ÄKTA system.

Successful use in published research

HiTrap Desalting columns are used in a variety of research applications, including:

Other Cytiva products for buffer exchange or desalting

  • PD SpinTrap G-25 spin column for small sample quantities using a benchtop centrifuge – up to 180 µL sample volume
  • PD MiniTrap G-25 gravity column for sample volumes up to 0.5 mL
  • PD MidiTrap G-25 gravity column for sample volumes up to 1 mL
  • PD-10 Desalting gravity column for sample volumes up to 2.5 mL
  • HiPrep Desalting column for sample volumes up to 15 mL. For use with a peristaltic pump or a chromatography systemDifferent types of Sephadex resins are also available as bulk resins