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Pump Vacuum 2.3CFM 115/230V (CP/PU/O/P-79303-00)


RM 27,199.00


vacuum oil and power cord.

Wide range of free-air capacities to match specific applications
– Positive pressure oil system ensures proper lubrication and prevents oil starvation at high gas loads
– Fast acting inlet valve protects internal components against oil and air contamination if the pump stops while under vacuum
– Gas ballast valve limits internal condensation—use pump when condensable vapors are present

No need to purchase both single- and dual-stage pumps! Dual-mode pumps offer a choice of high-vacuum (HV) mode or high-throughput (HT) mode in one pump. Pumps also feature three-position gas ballast control. Set the pump to HV mode with gas ballast off for use with electron microscopes or mass spectrometers; set it to HT mode with gas ballast fully open for use with gel dryers, vacuum ovens, or rotary evaporators.

Power cord and plug are included with the pump.

Specifications & Description
Wetted Parts – Cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, Buna N, and flouroelastomers
Free Air Capacity (CFM) – 2.3
Free Air Capacity (LPM) – 65
Max Vacuum (with ballast) – 9 x 10-2 mm Hg
Max Vacuum (without ballast) – 1.5 x 10-3 mm Hg
Inlet Port – NW 25
Outlet Port – NW 25
Noise Level – 48 dB(A)
Oil Capacity (Liters) – 0.7
Oil Capacity (oz) – 24
Max Temperature (° F) – 104
Max Temperature (° C) – 40
Duty Cycle – Continuous
Motor Type – TEFC
Power (VAC) – 115 / 230
Power (Hz) – 50/60
Power (amps) – 2.6
Height (in) – 8.875
Width (in) – 6.25
Length (in) – 16.875
Height (cm) – 22.5
Width (cm) – 15.9
Length (cm) – 42.9
Motor hp – 1/2
Description – Direct-drive rotary vane vacuum pump, dual mode, 2.3 cfm, 115/220 VAC