AF329 Hazen Colorscale (CP/P-99562-42)


RM 34,878.00


Discs containing colored glass filters, sample cells/tubes, calibration filter with certificate, and three AA batteries.

Economical, visual color measurement in laboratory, plant, or field
– Available with the most popular color scales
– Simply place sample in vial and compare transmittance to glass color standards
– Color scales include pt-Co, Hazen, and APHA

These durable, portable systems allow you to make quick visual comparisons between your sample and a range of stable colored glass standards on a disc. Battery operated illuminator offers flexibility for laboratory, plant, or field color grading. With the two-section field of view, the sample transmittance is directly compared with individual colored glass standards on a test disc.

The comparator is ideal for light-colored samples with visual color (pathlength up to 40 mm); an illuminator is added to systems for measuring unsaturated samples requiring a longer pathlength.

Specifications & Description
Test – Water and wastewater, edible oils, petroleum
Measurement Points – 0 to 250 mg Pt/L
Description – Comparator 2000, Hazen Colorscale

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