Cole-Parmer See-saw Rocker Mini 230V (CP/P-51700-22)

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These rocking shakers offer small capacity options for personal use or for tight spaces, and larger capacities for larger laboratories and high-throughput applications. Easily disassemble and clean the tier system, which is held together by magnets (order separately).

See-saw motion rocker (51700-21 to -24) is perfect for culture flasks and Petri dishes, producing a rolling wave in your sample.


Shaking Angle 7⁰
Min Speed (rpm) 5
Max Speed (rpm) 70
Max Load (lbs) 6.6
Max Load (kg) 3
Platform Length (in) 9.25
Platform Width (in) 9.25
Platform Length (cm) 23.5
Platform Width (cm) 23.5