Compound Microscope Trinocular (CP/P-48923-03)


RM 7,543.00


Power supply with IEC connector (US cordset included) and dust cover.

Excellent optical clarity and resolution at an affordable price
– LED lighting provides energy-efficient illumination
– Large, low-profile, rackless stage for smooth x/y movement

Ideal for laboratory and university applications, semi-plan objectives deliver excellent clarity and flatness of field. All objectives are parfocalled, parcentered, and color-coded. Widefield 10x/18 mm eyepieces with rubber eyeshields are 45 degrees inclined with interpupillary and diopter adjustments for comfortable viewing. Use the 3-watt LED variable control to set illumination to the necessary level. Iris diaphragm controls resolution and contrast for different magnification levels. Large 140 x 135 mm stage features coaxial coarse and fine adjustments.

Specifications & Description
Magnification – 40x/100x/400x/1000x
Maximum Magnification – 1000x
Head Configuration – Trinocular
Objectives – 4x/10x/40x/100x, semi-plan objectives
Eyepiece Diameter (mm) – 18
Eyepiece Magnification – 10x
Eyepieces – Widefield
Stage Dimensions – 140 x 135 mm
Illuminator(s) – LED, variable
Power (VAC) – 100 to 240
Power (Hz) – 50/60
Description – Compound Trinocular Microscope, Semi-Plan, 110-220 VAC