Cole-Parmer A100 Adjustable-Volume Pipettor, 2000 to 10000 uL (CP/P-15970-67)

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Limited Stock (3)

– Ergonomic, comfortable, and light weight
– Superior accuracy and precision
– Locking counter prevents accidental volume fluctuations
– Easily identify your pipette using detachable color-coded drops
– Reverse pipetting option ensures accurate, precise aspirating and dispensing of viscous liquids
– Calibration stability guarantees accuracy of dispense volume even after multiple autoclaving and pipetting
– Enhanced UV resistance provides added protection from biohazardous elements
– Universal tip compatibility to use with wide range of tips up to 1000μL
– Meets DIN EN ISO 8655 standard

Cole-Parmer A100-series Single Channel Adjustable-Volume Pipettors have been ergonomically designed to the most rigorous standards for accuracy, precision and comfort. Pipettor’s user-friendly handle design with soft grip gives ease of operation and reduces fatigue. Its’ light weight and low plunger force minimizes RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Sturdy PVDF tip cone ensures a high resistance against chemicals. Blow out system ensures last drop dispensing thus preventing critical sample loss. Innovative soft grip protects heat transfer to internal components ensuring accurate operation.

Specifications & Description
Max Volume (µL) – 10000
Autoclavable – Yes
Min Volume (µL) – 2000
Increments (µL) – 100
Accuracy (%) – ±0.6
Precision (%) – ±0.2
Number Of Channels – 1
Tip Ejector – Yes
Color Code – Yes
Description – Adjustable-Volume Single Channel Pipettor