Cole-Parmer A100 Adjustable-Volume Pipettor, 20 to 200 uL (CP/P-15970-64)

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RM 609.00

Ready Stock (14)

Pipettor, calibration/disassembling tool, color coding drops and remover tool, silicon grease, and sample tips

Ergonomic, comfortable, and light weight
Superior accuracy and precision
Locking counter prevents accidental volume fluctuations
Easily identify your pipette using detachable color-coded drops
Reverse pipetting option ensures accurate, precise aspirating and dispensing of viscous liquids
Calibration stability guarantees accuracy of dispense volume even after multiple autoclaving and pipetting
Enhanced UV resistance provides added protection from biohazardous elements
Universal tip compatibility to use with wide range of tips up to 1000μL
Meets DIN EN ISO 8655 standard

Cole-Parmer A100-series Single Channel Adjustable-Volume Pipettors have been ergonomically designed to the most rigorous standards for accuracy, precision and comfort. Pipettor’s user-friendly handle design with soft grip gives ease of operation and reduces fatigue. Its’ light weight and low plunger force minimizes RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Sturdy PVDF tip cone ensures a high resistance against chemicals. Blow out system ensures last drop dispensing thus preventing critical sample loss. Innovative soft grip protects heat transfer to internal components ensuring accurate operation.

Specifications & Description
Autoclavable – Yes
Max Volume (µL) – 200
Min Volume (µL) – 20
Increments (µL) – 1
Accuracy (%) – ±0.6
Precision (%) – ±0.15
Number Of Channels – 1
Tip Ejector – Yes
Color Code – Yes
Description – Adjustable-Volume Single Channel Pipettor