Magnifier Colony Counter 3x (CP/P-14212-61)

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Limited Stock (1)

Adjustable speed for more control
– Mix a wide variety of tube sizes and shapes with the included rubber cup head
– Heavy die-cast body won”t dance across your bench
– Use for continuous mixing—housing design supports use with a lab rod

Features a robust die-cast body to prevent traveling while on, and has an integrated port to support a lab rod for holding vessels in place during continuous operation. The variable-speed allows more control—use at 200 rpm for more gentle mixing, all the way up to 2500 rpm for vigorous agitation. Additionally, choose between “touch” on or continuous modes. The accessory pack of heads (sold separately) lets you mix in a standard microplate, a beaker or flask (up to 500 mL), eight 0.2-/0.5-mL microtubes, sixteen-1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes, or make your own custom holder with the blank foam.

Specifications & Description
Description – Digital Colony Counter Optional Magnifier; 3.0x