Burkle 9695-3025 Titrating burette with shatter protection, 25 mL (CP/P-06044-51)


RM 1,283.00


Prevent breakage with these splinter-proof burettes
  • Constructed of glass with a plastic sheathing to resist breakage and glass splintering
  • Precise discharge jet allows very fine drops
  • Easy-to-read burette (buret) with blue graduations
  • Designed with a 25 mL capacity


These automatic self-zeroing burettes (burets) feature with a glass burette coated in plastic which increases resistance to breakage. If breakage does occur, the glass will not splinter. These burettes are constructed of polyethylene, polypropylene, natural rubber, and borosilicate glass wetted materials. Precise dosing is achievable with the clearly marked graduations as well as the press button and micro-screw control.

Specifications & Description

  • Capacity (mL): 1000
  • Graduation Interval (mL): 0.1
  • Tolerance: 0.045
  • Description: Titrating burette with shatter protection; 25 mL