Cole-Parmer Tube Roller 6 Digital 220/230VAC (CP/P-04750-24)


RM 13,822.00


black background filter, two Wolffhuegel graticules, two 50- to 90-mm dish centering adapters, and both UK and Shuko power plug adapters.

Get complete mixing with both rocking and rolling movement
– Use in cold rooms down to 39°F (4°C) or in incubators up to 140°F (60°C) with 80% humidity
– Gentle, continuous, and quiet operation

These solidly constructed tube roller shakers are ideal for mixing samples where minimum aeration is required — like viscous substances or liquid-solid suspensions. Save bench space while expanding your capacity with the stacking kit (sold separately), and stack up to three shakers!

Specifications & Description
Degree of Rotation (degrees) – 360
Min Speed (rpm) – 5
Max Speed (rpm) – 60
Width (in) – 22.25
Height (in) – 4.3281
Depth (in) – 9.5
Width (cm) – 56.5
Height (cm) – 11
Depth (cm) – 24
Timer Range – 1 sec to 540
Power (VAC)230
Power (Hz) – 50
Description – Tube Roller Shaker, Digital, 6-Roller; 230 VAC, 50 Hz