15Gallon Drumheater 240V Metal Drums (CP/P-03106-70)


RM 1,474.00


Wrap around a metal or plastic drum to maintain temperature and viscosity
  • Extra-wide 4” heaters provide better surface coverage
  • Built-in thermostat provides adjustable temperature control
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals


6-ft power cord with grounded three-prong plug (240 VAC models do not have a plug)


Quickly and efficiently heat-up your metal or plastic drums. These heavy-duty extra-wide silicone rubber band heaters, provides better surface coverage than other traditional drum heaters. The adjustable thermostat control allows the user to set a required temperature. Made of durable vulcanized silicone rubber, fiberglass cloth, and multi-stranded grounded heating elements that provide for a long and reliable service life. The spring closure built-in to the heater allow for expansion up to 3” in order to fit most common drums and pails.

CSA approved models can be special-ordered upon request.

Specifications & Description

  • Drum Material: Metal
  • Drum Size: 15 gallons
  • Max Temperature (° F): 425
  • Max Temperature (° C): 218
  • Min Temperature: 50;10
  • Plug Type: No plug
  • Power (VAC): 240
  • Power (amps): 2.92
  • Power (watts): 700
  • Diameter (in): 14 in to 15 in
  • Description: Flexible 15-Gal Metal Drum Heater with Thermostat; 50-425F, 240V