Silicone Beaker Heater 1000ml 120V (CP/P-03106-52)


RM 757.00


Convent hook-and-loop fastening device allows for quick installation and removal of the heater
  • Accommodates most standard-sized beakers


2-ft (0.6-m) power cord with standard 2-prong plug


Provides even heat across the surface of a beaker and eliminates the risk of damage to
the heater due to chemical and moisture spillover. These heaters include a hook-and-loop
fastening device that provides quick installation and allows the heater to be reused. Made
of fine-strand resistance wires that are double insulated with braided fiberglass and knitted
into flat tapes. Tapes are then completely enclosed in high-strength, high-temperatureresistant
silicone rubber.

Warning: Heating tapes require the use of a temperature or power controller sold separately.

Specifications & Description

  • Max Temperature (° F): 380
  • Max Temperature (° C): 193
  • Plug Type: US Standard
  • Power (VAC): 120
  • Power (Hz): 50-60Hz
  • Power (amps): 2.91
  • Width (in): 4 1/2
  • Length (in): 15
  • Description: Silicone Beaker Heater, 1000 ml Griffin/4.2-4.46″ Dia, 350W; 120V with Plug