BriskHeat 102040 Samox Heating Tape 1400F (760C), 1in Wide By 4ft Length

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Flexible, multipurpose, direct-contact heaters are ideal for use on conductive surfaces
  • Maximum exposure temperature of 1400°F (760°C)
  • Choose from power leads on same end or on opposite ends
  • Heavy-duty insulated design
  • Nongrounded


Reusable tie straps on each end and 2-ft (0.6-m) power cord.


Resistance wires are double insulated with braided SAMOX yarns, then knit into flat tapes. SAMOX fabric also covers tapes to provide extra protection against abrasion. Tapes include ties at each end.

These high-temperature heating tapes are made of resistance wires that are insulated with braided fiberglass knitted into a flat tape and covered with heavy fiberglass fabric.

The 240 VAC tapes with an opposite-end lead configuration are supplied with bare leads.

Warning: Heating tapes should not be overlapped and require the use of a temperature or power controller sold separately.

Specifications & Description

  • Max Temperature (° F): 1400
  • Max Temperature (° C): 760
  • Plug Type: No plug
  • Power (VAC): 240
  • Power (Hz): 50-60HZ
  • Power (watts): 627
  • Width (in): 1
  • Length (ft): 4
  • Description: Samox Heating Tape 1400F (760C), 1″ Wide By 4ft Length
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