Holder Pressure Filtering 142mm


RM 38,251.00


Stainless steel type 304 or 316 minimizes resistance and maximizes flow rate
  • Reservoir capacity of 1500 mL
  • Model 02933-00 meets EPA specifications for EPA Hazardous Waste Toxicity Test


Pressure filtration holders maximize flow rates by applying positive pressure to the fluid over a broad membrane surface. Holders are autoclavable with one filter membrane that is sealed with removable wing nuts. All holders vent to release pressure.

Holders have PTFE gaskets, silicone O-rings, and PTFE-coated photoetched stainless steel support screens to prevent nitrocellulose membranes from sticking.

Stainless Steel Holders with Reservoir let you filter samples without a separate pressure-dispensing vessel. The 47-mm holder has a 200-mL capacity, the 90-mm holder has a 750-mL capacity, and the 142-mm holders have a 1500-mL capacity.

Specifications & Description

  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Filter Diameter (mm): 142
  • Prefilter Diameter (mm): 124
  • Filtration Area (cm²): 113
  • Max Pressure (PSI): 71
  • Max Pressure (bar): 4.9
  • Adapter Size (included): Inlet: 1/4″ NPT(F) to 7-13mm ID; Outlet: 3/4″ NPT(F) to 11mm ID
  • Height (in): 23
  • Height (cm): 58.42
  • Diameter (in): 7.25
  • Diameter (cm): 18.415
  • Description: 316 SS Pressure Filtration Holder w/ Reservoir, 142 mm
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